asif art pays
is an informative ever evolving art “blog” focused around the futuristic vision of the resident artist BaBBLEoN. Proving new original art work alongside analogies for life. featuring writing and fan interaction making the world a more inclusive space one day at a time.
" we don’t only teach people how to make art with agency , we teach them how to think"

Through that act of art making, one can gain a better sensibility with the material world around them and learn how to manipulate it. While learning how to manipulate materials, you gain new relationships with the world and the things in it. As the understanding of a material grows, so does the ability to build analogies.

Learning analogies is the key to understanding and relating to things we are unfamiliar with. To become familiar with materials teaches a sense of knowing that can penetrate deep and reprogram your mind, giving you the courage to be more ambitious in your life quests.

Teaching art the proper way is about giving space to fail and get back up. Teaching art in a safe, vulnerable environment will create the next “cultural architect”.

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