about asif


is the brainchild of the contemporary interdisciplinary artist
Aaron BecKer.

Disguised as an artist/emcee/singer/songwriter BaBBLEON
Aim’s at the Stereo typical hierarchy
to Shine light
on the areas of contemporary society that tend to road block and gate Keep.
A true visionary.

Becker AKA the bringer of light  illuminates the ecological thought, while elevating one’s spiritual Identity.

With aims of creating a safe “gray area” for viewers
to explore the
Idea of Spiritual warfare in the past, present and future tense.

Gray Area is a space to explore
The ideas of Myth and Legend.
Will your spirit look like your human body?
Will it transform depending on what realm it’s in?
Does it live in a mansion?

Using Poetry, Song, Paint and clay
I hope to expand sPace and time creating
room in the viewer’s mind to Plant new optimism
And a new hope.


asif to babble on
is all we can do

Like a pot I put the Glaze on
like A skin
load the kiln
add gas
let the trauma

What does value mean to you?
What does currency currently mean to you?

so much pain
In transformation
There’s beauty
In the
To be a creature of kush……
Clutched Firm in their grip
steam rises from the rim of the righteous
Sip after Sip
a CREATURE OF KUSH rises early
Not always for the day to come
But still
exhausted from a night of demons
The constant comfort of sweet nothings
Breath after breath
until soothing somethings
We make the world with words
And these words enter the surrounding
objects with a sigh of relief
Driven by rhythm
to make vision speak.